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A little about John

John bridges gaps between business, development and creative teams. John's strength is in his ability to understand what customers require and then deliver the best technical and create solutions. Not just a product manager, John can get his hands dirty and do the production and development work just as easy as managing the relationship of a 3rd party creative agency.

John has worked in technology since 1996. Starting in network administration, he soon moved into development. He cut his teeth at Veridian (now General Dynamics) developing software in C++ for the U.S. Department of Defense. He also spent 2 years working at North Carolina State University working on their Unix systems, developing PERL apps and teaching university professors about new technology.

In 2002, he founded John Fox Studios where he provided technical/creative eBusiness consulting and project management to companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft and HBO. He was also involved in the startup community in Atlanta, GA, USA where he was a founding member of companies such as, HagaDaga and BobyBlocks Nutrition Systems.

After building his business up for 6 years, John decided to take a break from consulting and joined Crossgate as their global Interactive Marketing Director. Initially hired to give Crossgate an interactive "facelift", John was soon promoted to Marketing Director responsible for the entire North and Latin American regions (as well as interactive marketing responsibilities, globally). In 2011, Crossgate was acquired by SAP where he spent 2 years as a Senior Solution Marketing Specialist in Z├╝rich, Switzerland.

In 2014, John hooked up with serial entrepreneur, Markus Rupprecht (of TraxPay), to found Bside-Me GmbH in Cologne, Germany. At Bside-Me, John managed digital products: creating next generation mobile apps for iOS and Android with a strong focus on delivering quality content and user experience.

John is now at FJORD/Accenture Digital where he helps businesses leverage their new and existing digital offerings by ensuring a solid customer-focused design, flawless UX as well as delivering a marketable, digital product.

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